In Doctor No's Garden (Paperback)

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Ranging across the globe, from Mexico to Japan, from the States to Southern England, these poems can be lyrical and deeply affecting, wryly funny or wildly imaginative. From a lonely mother attempting to learn the piano to a ski-jump that never ends, from a redemptive encounter with horses on a cold day to a miraculous bowl of chicken soup, these poems display a vibrancy and variety rarely seen in contemporary poetry. But Henry Shukman's great strength is in the domestic--the complexities of love, and the rites of passage of childhood and parenthood.

About the Author

Henry Shukman has won numerous poetry awards for individual poems, including the Daily Telegraph Arvon Prize and the TLS Prize.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780224069137
ISBN-10: 0224069136
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Publication Date: August 2002
Pages: 51
Language: English
Series: Cape Poetry