Joe Traugott & Scott Ortman Painted Reflections: Isometric Design in Ancestral Pueblo Pottery

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 6:00pm

Painted Reflections is the first book to contemplate a phenomenon they call isomeric design. Presenting one hundred examples of Pueblo pottery from various museum collections in the Southwest, Painted Reflections takes a closer look at the psychology, history, and cultural significance of this unique aspect of Ancestral Pueblo painting, providing fascinating insights into the very foundations of Pueblo culture.

The concept of isomeric design is based on an analogy with isomers in chemistry, which refers to compounds that are chemically identical but have mirror-image structures. The authors, an archaeologist and and art historian, use isomeric design to describe the use of paired forms that can be perceived as reversible on painted pottery. 

Painted Reflections :  Isomeric Design in Ancestral Pueblo Pottery: Isomeric Design in Ancestral Pueblo Pottery Cover Image
ISBN: 9780890136379
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Published: Museum of New Mexico Press - September 2018