Journey Santa Fe Presents

Sunday, May 19, 2013 - 11:00am

Journey Santa Fe Presents: Dennis Marker In Conversation on City of Santa Fe's Recent Decision to Rescind the Community Workforce Agreement and the Nationwide Sequester

Local author Dennis Marker will talk in detail about step three (Destroying the Unions) and step fifteen (Bankrupting the United States) from his book Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism, and specifically how the City of Santa Fe's recent decision to rescind the Community Workforce Agreement and the nationwide sequester will aid in the long-term move to eliminate the U.S. middle class.

During his career in Washington, DC, Dennis Marker worked on Capital Hill, served as in-house consultant to US Environmental Protection Agency administrator Doug Costle, and was special assistant to Jim Wallis at Sojourners magazine. He also helped launch and direct progressive nonprofits, including Witness for Peace and The Pledge of Resistance.