Journey Santa Fe Presents: Jeff Steinborn On New Mexico’s 2019 Green New Deal Legislation

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Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 11:00am

Senator Steinborn (Dist 36 Doña Ana)  was elected to the New Mexico State Senate in November of 2016 after serving eight years in the New Mexico House of Representatives. During his time in office, Jeff has passed a diverse range of legislation including establishing webcasting for House of Representative committee meetings, campaign contribution limits, greater support of New Mexico’s veterans, protection of our water resources and legislation to establish the historic “Rio Grande Trail.” For the 2019 legislative session, Senator Steinborn has introduced a number of pieces of legislatioon to protect our environment and address climate justice, including Senate Bill 374, Local Choice Energy Act. SB374 is the gold standard for Green New Deal legislation and will enable New Mexico to become a renewable energy leader while opening up the energy market to local control and help create local community wealth.

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