Journey Santa Fe Presents: The Women's Movement in New Mexico

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Sunday, March 3, 2019 - 11:00am

New Mexico’s Diverse Women’s Groups Working Together As Community Advocates

With Christina Castro, Sarah Ghiorse, Cecile Lipworth, Patricia Trujillo

As the Women’s Movement continues to evolve, these four women talk about the intersection of our diverse women’s groups working together in New Mexico to educate, re-matriate and advocate for our communities. All three women are deeply involved in local gender justice work, most recently co-producing the 2019 Northern New Mexico Women’s March in Santa Fe. For each one, the personal has become even more political. In the spirit of intersectional movement building and harnessing this moment in history, these women explore how we expand the conversation to include those directly working for gender justice, as well as our allies working for change in other areas.

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